Different filters for "internal" vs "external" filters

Hi! I am pulling in an external database (GoogleSheets) and all of the sudden the filter capabilities change.

This is for internal: Pretty straight forward

This is for external: No documentation anywhere on how to use this feature…

Anyone know anything about this? Basically, I have a list of items, and based on user input it shows a result from that list. But right now it just shows a huge running list with 100s of results, I want to limit it to 1.

Hi Stephen @sthayman

Welcome to the forum!

What you see is an expected behaviour. For built-in Adalo collections, you can add filters based on properties’ values (and relations’ values too in some cases).

For external collections, Adalo simply runs “Get All” query and displays the results to you. Adalo can’t guess how filtering system works on their side. That is why there is an option to add “Query Parameter” - some external databases can use it to modify the results they return. The thing is that these parameters will be different depending on the external DB you’re using.
For example, Airtable uses filterByFormula: Filtering Airtable Lists - Adalo Resources. And for Supabase the query will be completely different.

So you need to examine the documentation of the DB you’re using and find how to create filtered queries to it. And then you can try to implement it in Adalo.