Any Adao’s templates in related to a news feed function

We are developing a kind of SNS and would like to add a news feed function that users can post their updates.

  1. Is there any templates to remark “Like” at specific posts as a general SNS?

  2. Or we would appreciate if somebody kindly tell us about any helpful templates in related to such a news feed function.

I don’t think there is any template available on Adalo yet for SNS. I am not sure if there are any free templates but you can check out and for your news feed API. seems fantastic and they have a chat API too but it is too expensive. So if

Having said that, building your own activity feed on Adalo is fairly straight forward. If you grasp the concepts of collections and lists, you can do it within an hour.
I built my own ‘activity feed’ a la facebook activity feed. There’s a ‘like’ and ‘comment’ component as well specific to each feed. Users can obviously post new feed and also filter feed by different conditions.


Thank you very much for your kind response. Yes, as you advised, we could also succeeded in building an activity feed without templates!

In addition, thank you for introducing and to us!