How to establish the function that users can post videos

We are developing a kind of SNS.

  1. Is it possible to add a function that users can post videos?

  2. For that function, is there any template for Adalo to link to any external storage service like Amazon?

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I built an activity feed like facebook activity feed but I’m not allowing users to post photos and videos purely because of the storage constraints at Adalo.

I too an eager to hear if there’s some external storage service which I can use to store UGC videos and photos.

this might sound silly! but how did you build the activity feed cause i’m struggling at the moment to do it

Why you not using Airtable (It’s a external storage)

Hi Aziz, It doesn’t sound silly at all. I had difficulty initially too but managed to do it through trial and error.

You first need to create 2 separate collections. One collection for FEED and one for FEED REPLIES.

FEED collection should contain components for all items you want shown in the FEED such as feed content, date, feed creator and feed members.
FEED REPLY should contain components for all items you want shown in the FEED REPLY. This feed reply should have a relationship with feed. (A feed reply belongs to one feed and a feed can have many feed replies.)

Then you need to create a screen of all FEED. Add in all components on the screen and make it into a list. (list of feed).

One trick that worked for me is …On the screen, I created FEED REPLY items first, made it into a list. Don’t define the list yet. I then created FEED items next and then made a list of FEED + FEED REPLY. The full list is attributed to FEED collection. You then can add all inputs using magic text and viola, you have your feed.

Try it out and let me know how it turns out.


Well, I’ve been told it allows only 5 calls per second and if it exceeds there’s a 30 second delay. So for now I decided to overload storage unless there’s something more feasible like Amazon storage.

WOW! thanks for your time and sharing the knowledge. it very much appreciated.

working on it

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Thank you for your kind response.

To tell the truth, only 5 calls per second is sufficient for us.

Therefore, could you kindly let us know about what external storage service you used actually and how you managed to set it up in detail?

I’m not using any external storage. I’m using Adalo storage for my app.

@Arun Thank you for the information. Well noted!

hey arun i read you made facebook like feed please help me with this small problem, i tried to make image and text as a separate post in my feed but it doesn’t work

Okay nice