Any Barcelona-based Adalo'ers up for volunteering on a pro-bono proj?

This is a long shot but I’m looking for anyone with moderate Adalo experience who is based in Barcelona, Spain who might be interested in donating a few hours per month to help support these guys as they roll out the app we created for them->

We built that website and the app you see here as a part of the last Charity Makeover to help streamline their operation. This is a volunteer-based effort in Barcelona that feeds the homeless there every weekend.

Long story short, we’re seeking to find someone to pair up with them to serve as local tech lead on the ground there and help tweak the Adalo app to add requested features here and there as they begin to use it with all their 5000+ volunteers. We created it from scratch but supporting it on an ongoing basis while being remote is proving challenging - ideally need to have someone on the ground locally who can meet with them occasionally, interpret the feedback and make ongoing tweaks to the app.

If you’re interested or know someone who might be, please get in touch. This would be a pro-bono effort but is a force multiplier amplifying the impact of an already-game-changing group effort. The loom video below shows a brief demo of the app and how we currently coordinate feature development for them. cheers

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