Any Adalo power users want to participate in a virtual hackathon for a charity next weekend?

We have our next Charity Makeover coming up next weekend. @TonyD helped out on the last one with the Adalo app we’re building pro bono for this group that feeds the homeless in Barcelona every week for the past 6yrs. Here is the app if you want to see what it does currently (not live).
It’s a tool to automate their recruitment and scheduling process for coordinating volunteers with cooking and delivery tasks.

If you’re good with Adalo we could use 1 or 2 volunteers next Saturday to hack on things and advance the cause (ideally getting it to a shippable state). This is the Trello board that shows the status of features that need to be knocked for v1. If you want to participate please join here->
If you have any questions about participating. This event is our first all-remote hackathon so you can be anywhere but the main team will be on GMT+1 timezone. thx

I Sean, just put my name down :slight_smile: happy to join.

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Awesome. Confirmed I see your signup and intro in slack. Thanks and likely forward to having you involved. I welcome any feedback on how to improve the experience.