Any Ideas for a Multi-Language Solution


My app is designed for multiple languages and I need some help getting this done. The app does not have a logged-in user. It’s a city info app. There is no input (except for location services).

The app has several collections, and the records in the collections have the same field data in four languages (name, short desc, long desc, etc.).

I installed the Pragmaflow Localization component, and it works fine, I can grab the device language.

Then, I checked out using the Pragmaflow Multi-Language component and a ‘translations’ collection which has a key, where the key is the entire value of a field. I could use my existing Places collection in the same way, but the text in the fields is very long, sometime >1000 characters. I don’t think this is going to work for my use case.

I toyed around with creating a Sessions collection where I create a unique sessionID, drop the localization language code in there, and then create a relationship with the user’s collection that has one default user. This works, but gets clunky when I have to associate that unique session user with all the collections. It’s just not a good replacement for the built-in Logged-In User property. I am sure it would break something at some point.

So, barring just duplicating all the screens, in which case the editor interface’s performance drops considerably, does anyone have ideas how to solve this problem?

Hi @acwarsing ,

I have made an example app, you can search “Komun” here,

Inside you can check, there is a multi language option.

Probably, that is what you are looking for.

Thanks for the reply! I know of this approach, and it is too much overhead for my app. But I appreciate the suggestion.

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