Localization and Multilanguage Translator

I need to change the language of the application. There are tools available on the PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit (Localization and Multilanguage Translator) but I can’t download them. I can ask for help.

Hi Manowska,

Steven made a video how to download the components.

Thank you

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Unfortunately, the developer penalty is not available to me. Another possibility is not to share the token?

You need to turn on the developer mode to see that Developer Tab.

Click the profile icon :


And then in the Profile section turn on the Developer switch :


Steven mentioned it here :

Hi @anna.manowska79 ,

What I did is to have a collection with lots of properties and create records based on languages, so if you have 2 languages, it will be only 2 records, but if you have 100 texts to translate, it will be 100 properties.

I show how to use them at here.

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 7.27.40 AM

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