Any quick update on when these two features (GPS, QR code) would be available

Our business is very dependent on these two features and my CEO just wanted to know if we have a specific date for these features.

Hi @AsifAtQikpod there is currently now ETA on the GPS function, but it is planned in on our roadmap.

As for QR codes, today the component marketplace launched and within that new feature, there are 2 custom components to handle and generate QR codes. Be sure to check them out and let me know how they work for you!

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Hi @Colin, do you know if there is support now for native QR Code scanning via the phone camera? I thought that was being announced today but it looks like it is only the ability to generate QR codes within the app that is supported. Cheers Brad


Would love to have GPS, as in Find The Nearest on the Google Maps component for a directory app. Maybe it’s already there?

Hi @BradLegassick Welcome to the forum. Unfortuantely this specific use case is not possible with any custom component at the moment. You can make a request for that here:

Can we add this using our own custom coded react component?

Yes you can.

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