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Hey I’m checking out the qr code generator component on adalo and I was wondering if you could make it so when someone scans that qr code generated it would take you to a specific screen in your app. Is this possible? I’m trying to get it to the point where someone could scan the qr code and it would show you a specific user’s contact info like phone number and email.

a bit complex to set up but not infeasible… you would have to play with Integromat’s webhooks, so that the qr points to a webhooks which then updates a true/false property in Adalo and with a set of conditions you show the contact

Yeah that’s possible to do,

Two question:

-How good are you with adalo (in order to make simple to be explained)

-Is the scanned will occur from the phone camera or in-app?

I’m somewhat new to adalo however I understand the general mechanics of the app. And I’m wanting it to be scanned from the phone camera.

OKay so scanned from phone camera is related to deep linking which something complicated to be done right now in Adalo, some might say it’s not doable, but i assure you it’s 100% doable, it require coding skill and api work.

Okay that’s helpful to know. Do you know a good way for me to learn those skills/ how to accomplish that? I have another way I can make the app temporarily but longterm I’d love to build the app in that way.

I can do it for you, contact me in DM

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