Why does GPS component is so difficult to develop?

Hi, no code family!

I am a truly “no code” guy, Just be curious, would anyone explain why does the GPS component difficult to develop by any chance?
apparently, adalo team could not have it done any soon. Is it possible that a team make their own private GPS component so we could purchase it from this team? I think many teams view this component as their first need.

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Well, in Flutter (code language) it’s just importing a package, call the package and have some line of code. DONE. The Problem with the no-code environments is - as much easy they want to make the workflow for the customer as more complicated is it to develop and integrate. Look at IAP Subscriptions… It’s simply a few lines of code but something overcomplicated to add to their no-code environment. And personally, I think that is the bottleneck and breakpoint of every no-code environment. They want to make it as simple as possible for the end user- understandable - but that won’t work with complex features. Therefore the feature list is limited. It might be enough for 95% of most use cases. They should allow direct code integration for the more complex features that we can add on ourself. But that might compromise their building process if the scripts demand specific packages


Appreciate your detailed reply! :blush:

I have succeeded, get a GPS location and send it to an Adalo collection, like this, as explained in this post.


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