Any workaround for sending an email with paragraphs?

As previously documented the Adalo external actions can’t handle passing of carriage returns. If your user hits return while typing in any text box you can’t send that text to any external service.

This means that you can’t send an email with more than one paragraph via Sendgrid etc., create a PDF with several sections etc.

Up until now we’ve been instead triggering an external service to pull the content through the API but as that service has passed to just being available on the teams plan it’s no longer an option for my clients.

Before we march, has anyone got a workaround for this?

Hi @speakupboy,

Maybe this could help you! : SendGrid multiple lines - #3 by dilon_perera

Thank you

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@dilon_perera thanks for that. I got kinda positive but then got to the point where I found out that the PragmaFlow servers have been shut down. :smirk:

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