SendGrid mail not sending

I am trying to set up a custom action with SendGrid to send a email. When I test the action it’s successful, and the mail is sent, but when I use the action, nothing happens. Does anybody have any troubleshooting tips?

Check for line breaks in the body text of your email json.

Wouldn’t that result in a failed test?

Params or magic text in the email body could contain line breaks. Sample data in your Custom Action would normally be a simple string without breaks. Hard to say, post some screen shots or video from Adalo and the api logs from sendgrid.

Seems you’re right! It was a line break in the email body. Is it somehow possible to have line breaks?
Like a normal email?
Something like this

Hi John.
Jane have sent you an email.

Kind regards Adalo

Don’t know about SendGrid specifically but with Adalo–>Zapier–>Gmail you can format your email body inputs as plain text or HTML. If HTML is an option instead of plain text, you should be able to use <br> to indicate line breaks.

Yeah you’re welcome. It’s been covered on the forum before, I can’t remember the solution off hand, I came up against the same thing, but have a search here and it will be there somewhere.

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