Anybody have issues with "list searches" not working properly?

I’ve created a search page using the “text input” and a list, and I’ve set it up so the list reads the text input. However, the list seems to show searched items for a split-second, and then everything disappears. On the desktop staging preview, I can get it to work about half the time. Anyone have an issue like this. Is it the Adalo platform? I know I’ve set it up right, as I’ve been doing this for 1 1/2 years.

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Sorry about that. We have a known issue where this is happening when you mix text and number filters. Is that the issue you’re seeing? What filters are you using?

Hey Josh,

So, I’ve got it working now, but what I had to do is uncheck the “Lazy Loading.” It’s almost like that feature prevents certain search elements from appearing as needed. I’ll let you know if my fix stops working. But so far so good.

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