Anyone else experiencing an outage for their app?

Previewer is not loading and also my live app is not loading any data.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Previewer and live apps both working fine for me (South East Asia)

i’m also receiving some missing component errors in the builder

These sort of glitches are usually temporary, but you can submit a support ticket if it persists Submit a Support Ticket

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Thank you, i have just submitted a support ticket

We’re also experiencing this same issue. Also problem with signing users up…

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yes same, i initially noticed the issue when my login credentials were rejected and then i noticed other things were broken as it would appear the database servers are down.

My audio playlists keep disappearing in the previewer but at random

Yup - my app has been down for the best part of 12 hours. The app designer work in Adalo is also freezing and not showing the data

Hi everyone! We are not seeing any alarms internally to indicate any type of mass outage in any form. If you are having issues with certain parts of your app or editor, they may be related to a localized problem. Please tryi clearing your cache, cookies, and reloading your app. I also suggest attempting in a different browser and an incognito mode.

It’s also possible that your individual ISP is interfering with your access to our services. This is something we are unable to control. To test this, have someone with a different ISP attempt to access your application or services you are seeing an issue with.

If you are still seeing issues after attempting all of these and confirming it’s not a local issue, please submit a support ticket as is always recommended, . we will work to get back to you as quickly as we can. Our teams are not online on the weekend, except for when tending to a general outage, which we are not experiencing at this time .


Selecting to upload an image in my forms on iOS app is suddenly crashing the app. Anyone else notice this?

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O meu painel também estava com erros de componentes, eu só conseguia adicionar a tela em branco. Agora voltou!!!

Same issue - components missing, no data in collections and now can’t even log into my account via the app dashboard or the forum.

I had to create this account just to post this. I can’t even raise a support ticket!

Account is (Claire Conza) and app is

Please help. I’m here with the client and this is super important. We are in New Zealand.

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Hi Ben, thank you for the reply.

I have tried clearing caches as suggested however it did not resolve the issue.

We have also had reports from users of the app experiencing problems too as they are not able to login and new users are not able to create an account.

Please submit a ticket, and we’ll get back to you on Monday.

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Please submit a ticket and we’ll get back to you on Monday


I’m addition to @ben1’s reply…

@jlyon @colinwlau Please fill up your support ticket with as much information (screenshots, screen recording) and all the steps you took before the “outage” happened.

By doing this, it help the support team (attempt) to reproduce this issue faster.

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I’m getting “You’re Offline! Your apps will not save until you reconnect.” All other non-Adalo sites I’ve visited are working. :thinking:

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