I got this error when setting up external databases. Does this mean Adalo does not support this API?

Here is another service I tried using: Message Bird, same error pretty much.

Did you check from the first error message? There is something wrong with the url you are using for the endpoint. I am not familiar with the Twilio API, but what I can see is that these endpoint are related to user verifications. That is definitely something, what does not give a response that you can use in an external collection. As far as I can see, external collections in Adalo can only handle verifications via basic authentication or key tokens in either the URL, the header, or query parameters, but no OAuth like verification process like requesting an auth token in a first step and using the token from the response in a second step.

Both Message Bird and Twilio have basic authentications.

My problem here is probably in the URL i am using for endpoints, I just don’t know exactly what is wrong

What kind of information you want to retrieve from the APIs? If you want to use it in an external collection, it must be something that returns a list of records, messages, etc. Check the API documentation for the different endpoints they offer.

I am using it for the verification process of my app users.

They send the user an SMS with a code, and the user enters it in to verify their phone numbers

So no, It’s not something that returns any lists.

If you trigger the SMS for the verification code from Adalo, you need Custom Actions instead of External Collections.
Check: Custom Actions is Now in Beta! and Custom Action Outputs are Live!

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