Why Twilio Send SMS API custom action does not work

Hi guys,

I’m trying to implement a simple SMS service within my app without success.

I use Twilio API to send SMS message.
I believe my set up is correct since I’m able to send SMS message using Bubble, Postman and Flutterflow. :slight_smile:

The error I receive reads as “{
“code”: 21604,
“message”: “A ‘To’ phone number is required.”,
“more_info”: “Error 21604 | Twilio”,
“status”: 400

Obviously I have a “to number”. I tried the number with and without +

Hi @kaan,

Does the number that you entered is a valid number? Can you show us some screenshots of this custom action setup?

Thank you

I faced issues as will and could not make Twilio SMS to work with adalo in any way
And found some posts saying the same, not sure why

Ended up using https://abracadalo.com in the middle and it works perfectly


Thank you I managed to send SMS using Make.com . Adalo to Make , Make to Twilio.


Well I’m not that dumb :slight_smile: to put non functioning number while testing. As I stated I can make it work using different platforms.

Please see the screenshot attached.

Just a guess, You added the To input in your JSON body from magic text?

Yes of course. I also tested with static values.

Twilio api might face some issues like this in Adalo, to solve it i had to create my own component, you might like to check it,

JN Components called twilio sender


Thank you and I managed to the issue using Make.com but I wonder why the problem exists :slight_smile:

Good luck with your components