API - external collections -localhost testing

For testing pruposes i have to connect my Adalo app to my localhost API server.

Don’t seems to be possible to pull APIs request for localhost.

Iam getting the following message :

Contains references to disallowed domain names

](Contains references to disallowed domain names)

My question is how do we do solve that and beable to tests our API locally


Hi @BCH,

As far as I know, I don’t think you can use localhost as an API server.
Please remember that all external collections’ requests go through Adalo backend anyway, so localhost isn’t an option.

Best regards, Victor.

For testing purposes i use localhost, works fine with postman.

Now i’ve bought the Adalo pro plan yesterday but cannot access\use the API for testing before deployment.

Hello @BCH,

Of course you can use localhost with your own API server for testing purposes. But this works for local environment only.

What I was trying to explain that it won’t work with Adalo, as Adalo servers transfers all requests to the collections via itself.
As Adalo servers are located in the Internet, they won’t be able to access your computer via localhost address.

Best regards, Victor.

Okey got it.


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