Contains references to disallowed domain names

I have purchased an API to analyse images uploaded by users, however the API is coming back with the following:’ contains references to disallowed domain names

I have tried a different API and getting the same error.

Any help please?

Hi @Wizz001,

What API are you using and how are the parameters passed to it?

There is similar issue with Cloudinary access, see this thread: Cloudinary Error (Make Loading Speed Faster)

Best regards, Victor.


Hi Victor,

The API is OpenALPR.

I’d use the solution on the other thread but i always use integromat and I’m running out of processing space.

Hopefully, Adalo can provide and update/advise


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Hi @Wizz001,

I understand your concerns about Integromat credits…
May be you could submit a ticket to get some direct response from Adalo.

Best regards, Victor.

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