Counting filter & airtable API

Hello everybody,

I’m currently trying to migrate my collections to airtable but I’m stuck with something that was working when I had my data on adalo and not working when my data is in airtable

basically I’ve two databases in airtable “users” and “challenges”, and a user can see challenges and chose to complete one with a button. So I’ve a third database “UserxChallenges” where a line is created when the button is clicked. the button dispear (with the “visibility” function in adalo) if the count of user x id challenge is greater than 0 in my 3rd database. It function perfectly well in adalo but not if my database is in airtable.

Through Airtable the filter after a count formula doesn’t work. Is it normal ? I’ve make multiple test and it always count 0 if I put filter in my count (see photo attached). I think it’s because i only can use “custom filter” when counting lines and not “filterByformula” but I’m not really sure

Anyone could help me with this ?

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