API / OAuth2 - Identify user to retreive data from the API


I try to make something works and I gave it a few tries already :

I have an API that need the user to sign-in and authorize the app (with a token), to be able to get info.

I’ve seen on a thread that Integromat would be a good fit, but no : Integromat seems only capable to identify the app - like if you want to populate your database with data, but not each individual user.

I’ve been able to do something similar with Bubble to see the logic, and they use “Sign in / up with social network”, then you can select your previously configured API.

But I can’t figure out how to create something like : Button (with all the API parameters: scope, URI, response type…) → open the login page to the user → user sign-in → redirect back to the app.

Then I’ll maybe use Integromat to get the info on a regular basis (every X mn or hours).

Any clue on how to set up this authentication method with Adalo ?


Hi Jeremy,

I think you’re looking for Adalo’s External Users Beta program.

Here’s their announcement: External Users Beta Now Open - YouTube

This might help explain how to integrate it better than the docs: Adalo x Supabase Integration Part 1 - YouTube

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Hi @Erik ,

Thank you for the ressources ! :wink:

I just got the access to the beta progam, so I’ll give it a try!

So for you it should be doable like that ? Because I don’t want user to use their external credentials to log in to my app, but just to get access to their data through this API, individually :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

External user auth is when a user logs in using their credentials hosted on another platform (firebase, bubble, supabase, webflow, etc.).

So, to your answer, yes. They can log in and see their data using their existing credentials.