Sign up for our External Users Beta

Hi all,

We have an exciting beta that just opened up: our External Users!

What are External Users?

External Users are a collection of user information, think username and password, that live in a collection outside of Adalo.

Historically, every Adalo app utilized the User Collection for sign-up/log-in information — but now, you can use your user information from an external database. Woohoo!

A few things to note:

  1. The external database must have a REST API
  2. The REST API must come with accessible log-in endpoints
  3. Upon set-up of External Users, you will still need to set up External Collections as normal

If you have a database that meets the requirements above and are interested in joining our beta, please sign up here: :point_right:

Thank you & we can’t wait to hear what you think!


Is there a thread to discuss beta experience and help each other troubleshoot?

Will using an external database fix app slowdowns and slowness?
Thank You

Hi, I want to join the external users beta! I would like to find a way to login via Discord (among others). I’ve filled up the form twice :smiley:

@KatelynCampbell could you help me for this? :smiley:

Created a demo of a chat application without using the Adalo database. Please have a look at it! We think by applying this we can connect bubble to Adalo! Please forgive me for using Japanese.

demo app

Waiting to hear an answer to this @adalo @KatelynCampbell Am sure more people wonder the same

I just tried it, but my external login does not authenticate the users or throw error when they enter wrong credentials… So how do i get my returned authentication value after login.

Update: I was accepted into the beta (yay!), but now I’m facing this problem: Stuck in external users beta - Help / External Collections, Custom Actions & Collections - Adalo

@KatelynCampbell when do we expect it go to live with it? and can I use beta for production apps?