API Result Display on Repeat

Hi Adalo,

Hope all is well.

I have a successful API result. See below.

However, it is not displaying properly on a Simple List.

Please help. Thank you!

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What are your Title and Subtitle settings on the list?

Have you tried using a custom list instead?

Yeah I tried the Custom List and has the same output.

Without more information, it’s really hard to try and help you. Can you send image/video of your list settings?
Have you copy/pasted the list? That can sometimes produce some funky results.

Thanks @dosandco! I really appreciate it! I captured a gif to demonstrate how it is behaving. See below.

Hope this helps! Please also refer to my screenshots above.

Thank you!

Thanks Joey,

Might be one for the Adalo team - have you tried going through the ‘edit settings’ on your External Collection to make sure it is still pulling the data correctly?


@dosandco and @joeyology I’ve also experienced this with an API setup. The results are all different upon setup but the display is the same result repeated.

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It looks like the issue is that in the API response, there’s no unique id for each record.

Thanks Ben! I’m not sure if I can do anything about the API response.

Is there any way for me to still use it?

Is this just a list of books? If so, then the book id can act as the id, you just need to resort that property so it’s listed first in the data tab

Thanks for the response @Ben! Where can I do it? Is it here?


I finally got it @Ben! I just moved the book_id at the top. Maybe its a primary key position of some sort. It’s working now!




Had the same issue, thanks!!

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