Output information retrieved via API

Hi all, feel like the obvious is completely going over my head on this one!

When a user visits the app screen, an API is called and information is retrieved (in this case a URL). How can I get the user to that URL without them having to actually interact?

Usually, when using custom actions and API’s, you can usually reference API results in subsequent actions - but not happening in this case, oddly.


Hi @mhmd,

Most probably something is wrong in your API call’s return.

I’ve made a test - all worked for me. Here is the video with the explanation: Adalo help: URL return from custom action - YouTube (just uploaded).


Hi Victor,

Thanks for taking the time to put together an explanation - super grateful!

My circumstance is slightly different from the method you’ve shown.
In your video, the API is called when the user interacts with the button (that works fine for me).
In my example, the API is called when the user visits the screen and I’m not able to use the retrieved data.
However, not to worry as I’ve figured out a different solution - though I certainly know others will find your video useful :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @mhmd,

Great that you’ve figured out the solution!

I didn’t notice that you used on-screen-enter Custom Action - I focused on URL question instead :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, Custom Action results aren’t available for on-screen-enter events :frowning:

One of the possible workarounds could be to use countdown timer to execute the action - then the results will be available in subsequent actions.

Best regards, Victor.