.apk app dowload to test

Hello everyone, I am trying to find a way to test the app without uploading it on the store (I have to wait some days before it is approved).
I see that it is possible to download only the .aab file from the android build. Is there any chance to have the .apk file and install it directly on the phone? I have also tried to convert the .abb into .apk but i can’t find the standalone files (for those who know what I’m talking about).
Thank you a lot!

Hey @Filli, as far as I could understand - you are looking for a way to open .apk build on your phone ?

You can just upload the .aab file on Playstore and download it as .apk. You need not wait for approval to download the .apk file.

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Hello, I am looking for a way to do this without waiting for the store’s timing

Hey @Filli I believe what Nitish is referring to is, as soon as you upload the .aab to the Google Play Console you can use Bundle Explorer to download your apps in APK. Here’s an example of one of our Apps, uploaded in .aab but you can download in .apk - and even device specific APKs. You don’t have to wait for approval, as soon as its uploaded, navigate and download .apk.


Thank you a lot @iAppsNi and @Nitish! This community is amazing! See you next time! :rocket:


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