Apk installation

A question, is there a way to install the APK on the cell phone to test the notifications and that everything is ok? is that if not I must load in google play and take 3 to 4 days to approve and the test is very slow.

or if you know of any other way to install it on the day and try on the day … THANK YOU

Hi Santiago!

You can download and install the .apk directly to your device, but will probably enable the permission to download an app from outside of the Play Store.

You can also release your .apk to an “Internal test track” and add your self to it. Then there is no review process for distributing your app to internal testers through an App Store link

Hello, thanks for answering, is that I have several problems, I upload the app and when it loads in google play it is TOTALLY different from the one I have in adalo, the notifications do not work, the sizes change, it is already the fourth that this happens to me and I feel like it’s a waste of time sometimes … that’s why I have to try … if you could help me with that

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