APK file crashing after installation

Is anybody facing the same issue? And figured out the solution.

It would be great if some one gives inputs for solution.


Thanks in advance

Did you find a solution? It’s suddenly now happening to me with the latest builds I’m producing.

Hi @speakupboy

This what I did when I was facing the issue and this trick resolved app crashing.

Delete current google service json file. Download a fresh google service json file and upload while creating a build.

Let us know if you find it works so that it helps others too.



Hi Anil

Unfortunately that hasn’t fixed it.

@speakupboy Sorry to hear that didn’t fixed your issue.

Someone from Adalo has to look into this then

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I’ve tried an apk from about 2 weeks ago and that works OK. It’s just the ones over the last few days.

@Ben @David any suggestions?

I am facing this problem. When I install and start using, the app keeps quitting. It says - “Runtime exception”.

I tried generating json twice and it is still the same.

How do we solve this @Colin ?

@Colin - Can you please share some help here to fix this frequent crash issue?

For which app are you experiencing this?

@Colin Apologize for the delay. I didn’t get notified on your response. We found that an audio component was causing this issue. We fixed it and app is stable now.