App not opening and crashing

hello everyone my created app is crashing when open.
when you tap on the icon, it will just blink and my phone will notify that the app crashed.
it happend after i updated the app i just did some small fixing and when im done building it it just happened.
can someone help me? thanks

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its working fine on the preview though but when i build the apk it just crash.

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Please submit a support ticket for this issue:

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I have the same problem.
The app that I built for Testflight 3 hours ago does not work only on the screen WITH LIST CONTENTS.

i just fixed my app. maybe you have a custom function on your app you can remove that because its the one causing the crashes.

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Thanks, I’ll try your solution soon.

Do you have the Nocoder HTML plugin on one of your screens?

Is it NocoderHQ HTML Renderer?
I do not install it.

That is what was causing my app to crash so I thought it might be that.

Should I install the HTML Renderer plugin??

No, I was asking if you had it installed because I thought it would be that causing your app to crash. No need to install it.

So, I do not install it. It is not the cause.

Also, I do not use any custom functions.
Those might not be the cause.

I think it is best to submit a support ticket in this instance. You can do that here Submit a Support Ticket

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