App crash in Android

I would need advice from more experienced colleagues. :pray: :pleading_face:

The Image Picker component is causing my app to crash. After clicking on the rectangle - image picker, a window will be displayed with the option Take photo or Browse the gallery. After clicking both options, the application crashes.

Does anyone know why? :bulb:

Hi Kamil @Kamil_Twins,

I would advice to submit a ticket for this: Submit a Support Ticket

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Viktor @Victor ,

Thank you for a quick response. I sent a ticket to the helpdesk, they advised me to remove all private components and then Astha will look into it. I have purchased 4 private components, but I only use one and in a different place. I will try to remove this purchased component as well. If I can’t solve the problem, would you have time to look at my application?

Best regards, Kamil.

Hi @Kamil_Twins,

Sorry, I am not sure I will be able to help with this.

Quick google search shows this page How to get Android App Crash Logs? | BrowserStack which explains how to enable crash logs on Android. In the logs you can try to search for the cause - usually first few lines may give some hint. But this is a “blackbox” search and usually it ends up in disabling/enabling components and looking what’s happening then.

I would advice to work with Adalo support as their engineers should be experienced in fixing such issues.

Best regards, Victor.

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