Image selector causing my app to crash

I recently uploaded my app to Testflight and I just noticed how whenever I use the image selector it causes my app to crash instantly. I tried to copy the app and create a new build but that did not seem to change anything.

Hi Justin,

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This looks like a bug. I believe Adalo pushed a fix for this a couple of days ago but looks like there is still an issue with the iOS version.

Please submit a support ticket.

Also, when you are filling out the ticket be sure to include a video & in the description include the steps you took for the image picker to crash so it is easier on the support team to reproduce it on their end.

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Hi Justin,

Did you try pushing a new build to see if it works? Thanks!

Hi. This issue is still happening. Do you have any updates on this?

I uploaded a new build and it works fine now! It must be a bug that happens when you publish your app because it happens sometimes still when I update something. I would say to just re-upload your app if it happens to you and to check before you publish.

This issue should be resolved.

You will need to create a new build of your app for this fix to be applied to your app tough.

If you do still experience an issue here, then please do Submit a Support Ticket

Hi. This is still happening in my new build…

Experiencing this also!

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