App crash on android

My app is crashing on android and I sent an email to adalo suppor but they are very slow to answer. Any suggestions?

The crash header is :


Caused by: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Caused by: com.facebook.react.bridge.UnexpectedNativeTypeException

Anyone else?


Ok android, my app appears under apps using battery in the background. This is a major concern, anyone else?

@Colin @David Anyone?

Hi @Shinnawy can you provide some more info about the issues being faced?

When does the crash occur?
When did this start happening?
What changes did you recently make?

I’m a bit confused as to why it is a major concern that the app is using battery in the background? Could you also explain that more please?

The crash occurs when I tap an item on a list

This started happening 2 weeks ago

Not many changes

The concern that the app is using battery in the background is that it states “These apps use alot of battery in the background” When really, it should not. Users will not appreciate a very high battery use in the background. It is ruining their phone experience and may result in them deleting the app.

I just tested the app on my Android device (Pixel 3a - Android 11) and I did not experience any problems.

Are you still having this issue @Shinnawy

The problems persist.

I have it all logged on my google account, but I send you guys emails and get no replies. Not sure how to send you details about the crash

Please submit support tickets through this link:

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