App does not load on apple devices

My app, hosted at, currently works fine on windows machines, but does not load on apple products and linux. The web-page is opened but does not load the app.
Screen are attached.

It’s quite weird, given that a couple of days ago it was working on mobile apple phone.

At first I thought it was a cache problem, so I tried using it on a linux distribution via incognito mode. I noticed in the console section that there is this error that does not appear when the same site is viewed on a windows platform. Hope this will help.

@Colin , may I ask your thoughts here?

Hi @montetennis,

App opens on iPhone (iOS 13) and Mac (10.14.6 / Chrome)

Best regards, Victor.

As a windows user, I don’t have a way to test this but I will ask a colleague to look in to it.

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