App goes blank on pages with custom lists

Same here… huge problem for my business this morning…

Our whole app is blank, blanco, white. Whatever I do home screen or refresh last screen: Blanc. Nerve-wracking! Will also send a ticket, let’s keep each other updated on the expected solution. Adalo is usually quite swift in responding to tickets.

iOS version works fine

this seems crazy, but with some investigation I found that this has something to do with the page size, I am increasing the screen width slightly where I am facing the issue and it is working !!! sometimes have to increase a lot depends on the custom list in the page

Thanks for your message. But, not here. Also on IOS
blanco screens.

That’s solves the display issue but data in list is not loading

@Adalo_CXTeam While you’re at repairing the custom list, could you also increase the number of columns to 8. thanks

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thanks mohmdfawzi. I tried this, but still Blanco white screens. Both in IOS, and in Adalo preview and share. For 1/2 second I see the home page (loading) and than blanco.

yes exactly same behavior, try to make the screen much wider than needed, for me its working for web/PWA @Peter

@Peter anyluck on your side? I am applying this workaround across all affected screens and seems to be fine

Issue has been fixed already.


The issue was with custom lists crashing and it has been solved. If you still experience the same issue again, please submit a ticket asap so I may escalate that to the team immediately.

We will not be able to give running updates on the forum. We thank you for your patience and understanding!