Again blank screen issue

Few minutes back my app was working fine, even I didn’t touch my development… showing blank screen. adalo…???

Same here. And some lists not working

Same here, but it’s not effecting all screens. Most lists are not showing any content. My live app is working fine, but all PWAs (with and without custom domain) are not rendering…Not sure if it has anything to do with the outage yesterday? I have an update scheduled for today, but I’m worried it will impact my live app. :grimacing: :thinking:

It’s all good…problem was fixed in less than an hour (more like 20 mins after my post). Considering what happened with Fastly yesterday (regardless if it had anything to do with this), I couldn’t be more impressed on how quickly the problem was solved. Whatever it was, growing pains happen, and (most importantly) it didn’t impact (my) apps that are live in the app store…just PAWs. Adalo team is on their s*it!

Really it impacted my native app, not the screens , but the collections relationships.

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