Testflight upload skewing app image

As you can see in the image here…

Left = Safari shortcut added to homescreen
Right = iOS testflight


2nd image is showing what Adalo looks like when uploading to testflight.

Would this happen during live upload as well, is there a way to fix this?

Just uploaded another version to testflight, made a new image file, made it a jpg, and still having the same effect.


To be honest, I don’t care much about this in testflight, I’m hoping this doesn’t effect the store version when I push that through in a few days? Cause I can’t see where I upload the icon under apple store settings, just screenshots / video.

I believe it was 1024x1024 (which i reupdated Adalo settings afterwards, so will know later with the next update)

Hi Mark :wave:

Not sure about this.

But you can Submit A Support Ticket. I think it’s the best solution.

Thank you

I did that also, but was hoping its a known thing and someone was able to have a workaround. lol. I think I fixed it, but wont know till later today.

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Yeah someone posted same question but no answer :neutral_face:

Update. Even weirder, it didn’t even recognize the image at all. All it was is a 1024x1024 .jpg … I’ll try an .png next version.


Hopefully it’s something I need to do and not a backend issue. This will also effect the live version too, so hopefully I can get it fixed asap. Thanks!


Thank you

I did exactly that. and still no luck. I haven’t heard back from customer support yet either. Hoping I’m still doing something wrong. lol


we’ll see. I’m going to keep trying different ideas on png’s (png to png generator, photoshop, web based png saver, etc etc) haha.

I tried everything. I even tried jpg. still zero results, not showing an image at all.

@anon78309838 if have any insights into this that’d be awesome. I have no idea what is happening tbh. Thanks!


This is now an urgent matter as it’s preventing from launching my app.

Still zero response or concerns from support.

I’ve tried everything. Still hoping I’m doing something wrong but I’ve tried several variations of png, jpg, etc and still showing blank icons on Apple’s side. @anon78309838

Somehow it fixed itself. I changed everything for the 3-4th time, but i guess this time it worked.

Guess things are fine for now.




@marklive what probably happened is that support saw your ticket and saw that other makers had the same issue so they had the dev team push a fix, you’ll probably get a response from the support team today or tomorrow saying it’s fixed. :slight_smile:


For sure. I got it working and talked with support earlier. It was partly my fault as well. The skewing I have no idea, so maybe that was fixed on the backend.

We’re all good now though. Thanks!


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