App is broken down

my app is not working anymore and I absolutely have no idea why.
In the previewer I just can see one screen with a random content. No buttons are working anymore, I cant start the app flow from the beginning or do any action. I’m really going insane after weeks of work. Does anyone have the some problem with this buck??? Thanks for any help.

Hi Phil,

Have your tried a new login via a different browser or after clearing cache? If you post a link I will try to login. I’m not experiencing outage so I think it is a problem in your app.

Are you on a trial?

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Hi Roza,
tried Edge and it worked out. Thank you so much!

Great. If it happens again there is probable a break in the flow of your user logging out, or they are being logged out by an action somewhere on a screen or button, and not being forwarded back to login screen.

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