App is pretty slow on Google Play

My app is very slow. Somebody wrote that after pushing to Google Play it should be faster. It’s even more slower than in browser as a preview…

What should I do?

Hmm Yes. That’s true. Everyone has this problem. So Adalo team is solving that problem. We have to wait until the Adalo team solves the problem.

But sometimes app works great :blush: :+1: and sometimes not :slightly_frowning_face: :confused:

Ok, could someone from Adalo team write here?

Hiya slow in what way? And would you mind sharing your OS and system specs?

I recently released my app to the Playstore as well and haven’t heard back from the users using it, an I unfortunately only have an ancient Android tablet to test on. :expressionless:

It’s an app on Android.

Uhh understood, but already knew that :slight_smile: Was asking for more details to help figure out the issue.

For example, have you tried testing the PWA’s performance vs Native? Or by “web” did you mean the built in previewer from the editor?

If that’s the case are you using Firefox or another browser…

Do you have a Phone running Oreo?
etc. etc.

In web I mean just previewer, not PWA.
App is slow on my android phone, I mean native app.

Yeah the Previewer is notoriously slow even using Firefox (Best browser for the editor btw) and as mentioned you should give some specs on the phone you’re using.

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