Is this speed on android normal ? what could be wrong?

i just purplish my first app on google play for android
after it was ok on Preview & share over adalo fast and clean
but when i download it as native from google play over my phone

the design all mess-up
but the most problem is
1- the speed is sooooo slow
2- the stripe payment addon is not giving place to write CCV and Expire date only the card no.

any advise !?

Isn’t it supposed, after making sure that the application works on adalo Preview , that should not differ much from it after downloading on ??? But is there a big difference between them?


Not sure about the strip component since I didn’t use it before

For the app speed, this is a very big concern, first the phone is playing a major role, if it is old then u need to do a lot of work and optimization in order to make the app running somehow with acceptable speed
And second it depends on ur app and how have u built it, collections structure, number of actions on clicks and so on

In general adalo is slow, and it takes a hard work and a modern phone to make it running smoothly if the app is having too many actions

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