App is very dark on IOS, OK on Android and Web

My App is fine on Google Play and Web, but is very dark on IOS App Store. Is this an Adalo issue or Apple issue? Has anyone had this problem?

Hi :wave:
I can’t say this has been an issue for me. Brightness setting high enough?

I didn’t see any brightness setting options in the Apple App Store Connect. Did miss them?

No I just mean at a device level. Is it the same in preview v native build on iOS?

No. Preview, Android, etc are all good. On every apple device is much darker and way too much contrast. Very strange

I’ll download the iOS version and try it. What’s the name?

thanks! its called: Lateral Lines

Hey @ozcast1

Had a look at your app, Is all the content static? i.e. not using lists?
Have you got in front of your images a rectangle with a drop shadow?

Yes, all static. No rectangles or shadows of any kind that i know of. I don’t see a shadow on an image as even an option in adalo. Did you see the difference between android and IOS?

Yes no doubt at all that there is a colour difference, even at full brightness it looks dark.
Just the images, nothing else. It’s like a filter has been applied.

Definitely raise a ticket it to support.

I have one into Apple. Ill make one to adalo too. thanks

It could be a setting coming from imgix for integral images. It could be the dropshadow - though that would also show in preview.

Let us know how you get on. :+1:

Smart idea by the way, if you ever want to make it dynamic and look at monetizing it then get in touch :slight_smile:

Sorry, total noob. What does dynamic mean? and yes, monetizing $$ is good!

So, adalo says i need to convert all the images to PNG. I have about 200 images. The file size will be too big to upload to the app stores. Not a very good solution.

Well they are all served from imgix. And you can specify the format in the URL

Failing that you can use a service like tinypng to get some really good compression.

So, Strange. I changed a few pics to PNG, did a new test flight and they look good now, but adalo still saves them as JPEG. A: how does this even work or make a difference? B: will my app size stay the same as the original JPEG version?

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