James_App_Maker solved a key issue with his new component!

Huge shoutout to @James_App_Maker! His newly released Dynamic Background component works exactly as I had hoped it would.

Immediately solved the problem of having to create two identical sets of pages in app to facilitate light/dark mode switching, which I think most will agree, the more pages you have the slower your editor runs; not anymore!

And it goes a step beyond just light/dark by providing the user virtually endless color options and even the ability to upload their own background image, or (as is one of my intents with this component), offer a “skins market,” with limited edition artist-submitted backgrounds that users can buy or win.

Consider the user engagement this component can provide, as well as a potential source of revenue within your app.

James kept the price fair, well below what I was willing to pay for it, and delivered it rapidly after I and some others voiced our want for a light/dark mode feature.

Show your support for another great component and component developer by grabbing his Dynamic Background in the Adalo Market.


Thanks! I appreciate!

Working on a PayPal component now with @Mark-679 :slight_smile:


is paypal component available?

I stopped working on it because it might not be that secure and that’s Adalo’s top priority. So it’s better if you waited on Adalo to make it so because they gave more control over the app.