App is very slow

I recently just purchased the pro plan to test out my app. to my surprise that it is loading very slow.
Is there a problem in the adalo server right now?

Coz my app is just grabbing external url links to load the image. and it is taking a while to load.

I am comparing this with the same app that was created with just pulling from a json file with over 1k images in a single page.

In adalo I even put just 10 image to test if it will load fast but still has the same result.

I tested other apps here in the demo they are working fine loading response time are ok.

but with my app which is just a basic image viewer is taking a while to load.

first test I conducted is the main screen is loading 900 images at the same time.
(again I have the same method in my other apps using other no code apps but it’s loading without hiccups)

so I tried lowering the images that is loading in the main screen and lowering the resolutions from high-res to a thumbnail version but still same effect.

Is there any work around for this?

I’m quite disappointed since I am now a paying subscriber, I was expecting my app is already done by now and I can already publish it but currently I am debugging what is the cause.

Again this is basic image viewer app that if they click the thumbnail in the main screen it will link to a new screen with the highres version and has a button to download or load to browser to download as well.

Adalo is working on fixing its performance and scaling issue. Development community here hopes that this will be sorted out sooner by Adalo as per their recent announcement. Till then, we don’t have a choice other than to accept the slowness issue and move on.

There should be a quick fix because we are already a paying subscriber, it was ok when I tried on a few rows during trial but then adding hundreds of rows is the DB made this problem.

I was expecting it will be better once I integrated my full database rows but bad luck it just got worst.

should I separate per collection? and limit the rows per collection? we need a band aid solution if they are working on the improvements.

Again giving the word "accept the slowness issue and move on " is not a valid point when we are a paying subscriber.

Don’t pay until servers are fixed. Keep in mind that paying helps them hire and upgrade.

You won’t be able to use the full feature if you are not a Pro or higher plan subscriber.

100% Agree on your expectation. Unfortunately, We don’t have much here.

Adalo Dev community grew worldwide too sooner and lot faster than what Adalo initially would have expected. That’s the root cause of many issues.

“First step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one”

They agreed and have plans to address them. I believe they are in right path. Keeping my fingers crossed to hear updates from them on performance improvement release dates.


Quick Fix, I have switch to Airtable, it seems that the built in database of adalo is slower compared when using other API.

Also another culprit is make sure that when pulling from URL source there is no 404 or else it will continuously search for that and will make the app slower.

For now this is way faster I have loaded my full 900 rows in a single screen and no so far response time is way better.

I returned to adalo DB and this is fixed my loading time
this will also help improve if you have many file loading in a single screen.
its advance feature which at first glance I didn’t notice since most the time this are very small text hope they can highlight this tab in the next UI/UX update for better visual.


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