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Hi, I know this question came up earlier but those topics are closed, so would like to raise it again.

Users complain that my app is loading very slow (when moving from one screen to another) - and indeed sometimes it takes like 10 seconds after the button is pressed.

I am on paid plan, my app has a lot of photos though.
I reduced the size of most frequently seen photos but it is still slow…

Probably the problem is with my app?..
It is called COLLECT! App in both iOS and Android.

Thank you very much.

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It sounds like you need to run some controlled tests.
It maybe your images, but it maybe your database structure, or it could well be a slow internet/data connection.
Changing different elements of your app without knowing exactly what’s causing the issues is a bit hit and miss.
If you use the built in analytics/heatmap then that could provide some clues…
Also, I’m a little hazy on the details, but I remember seeing a switch on a list component which allows you to only load what is seen, and not all the background photos/text, they’re loaded when they’re needed.
Not sure what the user experience would be like if you use this, it could well be worse, but it might be something to play with.
Troubleshooting without the correct tools and data will be a slow, painful, frustrating process…

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Thank you! Yes, I would be glad to.
I built the app with just regular WYSIWYG tools in Adalo - analytics are just the ones that Adalo provides - with users, geography, system etc.
Is there any way to run such controlled tests in Adalo (like integrating third-parties API or otherwise)?
Thank you.

Hmmm, not sure, maybe one of the forum admins might know…

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I am having the same issue with my app. The issue is that the logic is sitting client side instead of on the same server as the database which makes it unbelievably slow. Adalo is moving to 100% AWS to mitigate this problem. It is part of their roadmap and was announced in a press release a few weeks ago:

Our app is unbelievably complex and has so much data that when we exceed 500 records, the app becomes unusable. Hopefully they roll this out soon.

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Thank you for the news - looking forward to having that solved :handshake:

Me too facing the same issue, my users are complaining about the performance, collections are very slow, sometime it’s even not calculating the count,.

1st screen showing, wrong count, 2nd screen showing correct count based of members added, in both the place I’ve called the count same method.

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My algorithm seems to be working correctly; just a couple of bugs that one user experienced.
But it is indeed slow - especially if you don’t shutdown the app for a couple of days…
Also, it works not too bad on my phone (iPhone Max) but a lot slower on older iPhones and on Androids…

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