App keeps crashing for hundreds of users

Hi, we’ve been using Adalo for some time now, about 6 months. Things started off great, but recently many users are reporting app crashes. The app either doesn’t open at all (seems most common), or crashes upon doing basic actions.

At first, the crashes were just being reported from Android users.

Now it’s iOS users, too.

We’re nervous that soon everyone will experience this. Can someone please help? This is posing a risk to our small business. I’d really appreciate a call with a product leader regarding this, as I’m sure it’s something you’d like to solve for all of your customers.

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@tmf I am also betting on this platform. I will keep fingers crossed for you and will follow the reaction from Adalo side.

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Hey guys,

To narrow down the issue, please submit a support ticket so the team could resolve this “crash” issue as quickly as possible. :slight_smile:

Also, @tmf welcome to the Community! :partying_face:

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