Android App Crash

Hi, I’ve uploaded my first app in the play store, I followed the tutorial of the Adalo’s help category and all was working for the first 3 updates: the app start with all the functionality without bug of stability.

after the third update, the app started to crash when launched, I tried to solve it by myself, I was thinking that the file could be coursed so I create new release with new app bondle, but the problem is still there.

how can I solve it? please help

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@RonDeveloper can you help me? I’ve read that you know this type of problems

I’ve a good knowlege on IOS (Apple) apps because I’m a IOS developer unfortunatly not with Android apps. But you can open a call direct at Adalo for that kind of errors: Submit a Support Ticket (

I’ve done it, but no response… Thanks anyway

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