"App Not Found" message displayed intermittently

I’m getting this message displayed about every 3rd time I load our app:

Can someone from Adalo please comment? It appears to be completely random and resolves upon reloading the page.

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Can you let me know for which app this is so we can look into it. There is of course a chance this comes from your registrar’s side too. Could you let me know which registrar you are with and if possible a screenshot of your DNS settings. (CNAME record).

This is for app.esperancabarcelona.com. The DNS provider is Namecheap and nothing has changed with the settings.

I would say it’s a very low probability this has anything do with DNS resolution since an Adalo error is displaying (ie. it’s resolving to you guys but you’re intermittently not able to resolve internally to the proper app).

Like I said it’s been happening about every 3rd time I go to preview changes in the app and typically fixes itself upon a page refresh. This app is not in production yet at least so no users are yet impacted but we’re trying to roll it out for them now so this will soon be problematic.

Other details: I’m on a Mac using Chrome Version 86.0.4240.111. Have tried VPN’ing to various points and seems to have no bearing upon the frequency of the issues. Can you do some testing and see if you’re able to reproduce?

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I will test this and then submit feedback internally on the matter. Thanks for the extra details @grid7

FWIW this problem has not occurred at all today where it happened about 5x yesterday by this time. Not sure if anything about the server landscape has changed but worth noting that it’s not acting up at the moment.

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