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Does your app work in app builder’s previewer?
When you open your app via Publish (left pane) → Progressive Web App → Open, does it opens in a new tab/window?

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Thank you for your support intention @firozkhan.06
Yes, in the builder it’s ok…
I have also tested with other locations and it’s opening ok.
But at my office equal WiFi or mobile data, I get only App Not Found… As long as I have no idea what may cause this I can think that also other users may get the same info.
It is just a web app, so there is no QR.

Probably the best way to proceed would be to submit a support ticket here:


Firoz Khan - @firozkhan.06

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Thank you @firozkhan.06
I have submitted from the first moment.
But the app is live and I have no clue what to do and what to explain etc…

Hi @ionutilie,

How do you test “at my office equal WiFi or mobile data”? Do you try to access the app from the same device?
Does it open from your mobile phone (doesn’t matter it’s not optimised for it - just open it in a browser)?
Does it open from your colleagues’ phone?

Best regards,

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Thank you @Victor !
At this moment the app is functional full without any error.
At least 1 hour was functional only at some remote locations as I ask some friends to test it. At my location was only App Not Found equal what device I have used, hard reset history or other tricks.
But now is ok. No idea how or why.
Again, thank you for your support.

@ionutilie great that now it’s resolved.

Looks like some DNS caching issue, caused by some short glitch…


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Thank you @Victor . :pray:
I think that’s what it would be about. Being the live launch of the project involved more emotion than would have been the case. I am thinking of doing a live publishing procedure, which would involve such possibilities.

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