App Not Updating

Hey - quick question for you all.

I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue and I’m not sure if it’s on the Google Play Side or the Adalo side.

Basically I’ve made updates to my app, created new builds, and installed these as new releases (internal testing) on Google Play. However, none of the updates seem to be going through.

How can I troubleshoot if the updates are making it to the .aab files or if I have the old version still installed on my phone ('ve uninstalled and re-installed and that doesn’t seem to work either)?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Can you provide screenshot and more information with this please!

also did google approve the builds?

Thanks for your help here.

Not sure what to screenshot exactly.

Google didn’t approve builds but I’m still just in internal testing (I don’t think they approve for that track, right?)

Google will need to approve it i dont know how you got your app on the play store without google approval and also i will need screenshot of the app where you installed it and plus you will have to publish changes if you have manual publish off(that is where you after google aprove it will ayutomatically publish)

Again, it’s in the internal testing track. Not on the play store yet, and not a part of the google approval process. You essentially just get a link to email to your testers for them to download.

Thanks for your help!

Well then you might have to contact google for help you can email them on your developer dashboard

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