App notifications not working

Hi everyone,

I’m testing my app via Android internal testing, and I noticed that the notifications of new messages and posts are not showing up, although I’ve programmed them to be triggered via Adalo.

Any ideas why they are not working?

Picture attached below



Hello, please place the Trigger notification action to be the first action in this button before all the other actions, then publish a new build and test it. Please let me know if the problem persists.

Thank you!

Hi Ali,

Done, but the issue is not resolved. Does this have anything to do with the fact that this is an internal testing of the app?

Is there a notifications function I need to install from the marketplace?

I also submitted a ticket to resolve this issue.


Hello, sending notifications doesn’t need a component from the marketplace. If the error persists, submitting a ticket is the solution.

Thank you!

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Yes submit a Ticket because in my Android app they are working pretty fine lastly

Set (Home) as screen to avoid any error

Please explain. I am experiencing the same issue

Today? Oh let me try

PLease remove the instant navigation and please add a screen for your trigger notifications

What screen shall I add? I want push notifications to be visible on every screen, like floating notifications that appear on top when you get a message and a text ‘New message!’ with the notification symbol that I added when I created android testing version. Does this make sense?

Thank you,


Yes, I submitted the ticket today. Do you need the app link or something?

In your notification configuration just in the section screen; add a screen there and make the instant navigation off

Yes, I get it but what screen shall I add there? Asking because I want the notification to be visible on every screen (just on top) as a floating notification. Similar to the one attached below.


Just choose anything, your home screen maybe

If is Xiaomi remove battery optimization. It’s a problem of MIUI.
Then on Adalo just set Home Screen as screen for the triggered notification. I have no problem on my notifications, I have 3000 users in my app and they received them instantly.

Removed battery optimisation. Still doesn’t work. Notifications don’t pop up and I switched my phone on and off again.

If you want you can send me the app link or add me as tester on Android. I will try on my devices

I’ll send you the app link now, thank you!

Did you do what I asked you to do?

Pls what did you say? I am facing similar issue. Push Notifications stopped working for mine.

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