Push notifications not working

The trigger push notifications are not working when I create them. I have seen the videos and follow the steps, but still not working. Messages are not been received.
1.This screen I create

  1. Here it shows, but not received on user devices.

Any other suggestions?

Your app has to be a native app.
2.) On the home screen you need to have Request Notification Permission enabled

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Hello, thank you for your response. The Request Notification Permission has been active on the app by default. Just don’t know why its not working.

Is your app a native app?
Read this again it might help:

Yes, it is a Native App.

You probably did this already but, for the submit button you need to create a notification then for the reciever it has to be the person recieving the message. Other than that you need to submit a support ticket so they could check out your problem.

Thank you for your help. I will move forward with support.

I have had this issue too. My old apps work fine but my new apps do not work. Still waiting on a resolution.

There is an issue with Push notifications on Android devices that Adalo are in the process of fixing. They said it is possible the fix will be released next week.

Is it an Android device you are having issues with?

Thank you for the update, is also not working for IOS.

Do you not get the request for permission to send notifications with IOS?

Is active by default on the Home Screen. Don’t know why is not working. I have tried on all my apps.

Is active by default on the Home Screen of the app. Don’t know why is not working. I have tried on all my apps.

The reason I ask is because IOS notifications works on my app but not Android. If your IOS notifications are not working then I would recommend submitting a support request.

Yes definitely! I have already done. Waiting on a response. Thank you for your support!

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I received an email that the issue has been resolved and after testing my app I can confirm that it’s working wonderfully again.

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Hi Jack, can you please confirm if this is on IOS or Android.

This is for android.

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