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Hi all, Ive uploaded by app but it keeps getting rejected for the following reason “We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access the location but does not clarify the use of the location in the applicable purpose string.”

Ive updated the information in the location area when publishing a testflight however they are still rejecting it. It appears as though the string doesn’t actually update.

That seems like an App Store problem.

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I don’t think it is. Adalo doesn’t seem to be updating the text. @Colin can you pass thyis on to the team to have a look please. Obviously this is stopping me uploading my app.Thanks

This is my Adalo editor

and this is what displays on the app.

So this is happening with any app with the google maps.


First time I’ve seen an app rejected for this reason.

Maybe an obvious question, but did you create a new build after making those changes inside the builder before resubmitting?

Which app is this for?

Hi @colin yes i uploaded a new testflight. It’s for my Pub Grub app.

Hi @Colin Can you let me know that this is being looked into?

I have created a higher priority ticket for this. The team will look into it when they come online in a few hours (Central daylight time).

Great Thank you @Colin

Is there any way to get updates on the progress of the ticket? Obviously this is really effecting my app and business.

High priority bugs are usually solved in 24 to 48 hours.


Hi @Colin Is there any update on this?

Can I have an update please @Ben @Colin anyone??

Hi Elliot, this bug is still being worked on. I’m sorry for the time it is taking to resolve but a developer is working on this issue.

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Ok Thank you for the update

Hi @Colin Can i have an update on this please, it’s been over a week now and is really holding me up.

Hi Elliot,

The issue has been fixed by the developer and is awaiting release. Should be pushed today / tonight.

Thanks @Colin for the update

I’ve just been told this has been merged and you can test this again. Let me know!