My App Rejected from App Store. What should I do?


Made an app with Adalo and everything was perfect. Tested in test flight but Apple rejected becouse of " Performance - App Completeness". What should I do? Can anyone help? Their reject message:

Crash Logs:

My App: Dinakord


Sorry for my rush, but how can I fix an application made with a ready-made system (Adalo) not approved by Apple with a technical error? Isn’t there an adalo official who can help? What are we paying for? Help please.

It happens sometimes submit new build it may fix the issue.

Hi @akurkcuyan,

That’s weird :frowning:
You may try to submit the new build, as @ishantanusrivastava has advised.
Also, you can submit support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket, please don’t forget to use the email linked to your Adalo account.


Thank you for your suggestions. I noticed something, while your application works with the ios 13 version without any problem, it has trouble opening web pages with the ios 14 (new) version. Could the problem be caused by this? So your software may not be compatible with the new version 14?


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